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Reliability and Competence

German cattle breeding associations founded a new export company to organize their breeding stock exports. The new company Zuchtvieh-Export GmbH (ZVE) is ready to be your partner in all fields of breeding stock exports. The company’s head office is very conveniently located in Kassel-Lohfelden, in just 1 km distance of highway A7, almost in the center of Germany.

We continue the great tradition of German breeding stock exports. Our company policy is a sound realization of exports in terms of an optimum animal welfare combined with a sustainable customer service from the very first planning down to a full follow-up package for the animals supplied.

ZVE is specialized in exporting German cattle genetics, including breeding stock, semen, and embryos:

button We provide competent and objective information on the offer of German herdbook and AI organizations.

button Our experience, the close cooperation with breeding organizations, and the excellent veterinary standards of German dairy farms guarantee a broad and high-quality selection basis.

button Our competence in the field of selection, quarantine regulations, and transportation ensure that the animals will arrive at your farm healthy and in good condition.

button If desired, we support the development of your operation on the spot with professional follow-up service regarding feeding, housing, and health care.

Our team and our partners can look back on 30 years of experience in exporting breeding stock. The commitment of our team members as well as our close connection to the participating German breeding organizations is your guarantee for an efficient handling of exports in all scales and qualities.